The Blue Angels the world renown air-acrobatics team now has a flight simulator for Windows. Blue Angels ready Break by Rortos gives the rest of us the chance to fly with this legendary group without all the silly training time and selection processes. This flight simulator includes keyboard along with  joystick and pedal control schemes. The game includes a huge number of options  for gameplay like airshow mode in which you will fly the various routines for airshows across the United States. Also you can play the additive mode in which you can create your own maneuvers position the planes as you choose decide if they start in the air or if they take off in various formations. Fly as you like then move onto the next aircraft. Your Experience and scores  are tracked by a advanced system that tracks how well your flying against other players from around the world on the leaderboard’s so fly your best on every scenario to cement you place on that leaderboard. Rortos has also spent a lot of effort on improving the graphical performance of this game for more realistic scenarios. Full 3D briefings to insure you know exactly what you will be flying and variable difficulty settings and an innovative help system. A beautiful simulator for those who are looking for a new and different challenge in their flight simulators, and at 9.99 well worth a look check out the game here. What do you enthusiasts think about this game? A great flight sim or not something you where looking for let us know down below.