The new MMO being developed by Snail Games (known for mobile games such as Heroes of Gaia and Taichi Panda) is looking to bring us a great new installment to the open world sandbox MMO genre, Dark and Light. The game sets player in a beautiful open world populated with mundane creatures such as goats and Elephants. But the real draw of this game is not those everyday creatures, it is that the players will be sharing this new world with the mythical creatures of legends including Goblins, Centaurs, Griffons, and the mightiest of all Dragons. Along with building and crafting, the players will also have access to magic based on the elements. For example, using fire magic to cook food and survive the cold nights in the snowy mountains, water magic to irrigate crops or survive in the desert, and Earth magic to build structures and reinforce them. This game looks to be a solid entry into the survival crafting genre and looks to give ARK a good run for it’s money, so be sure to keep your eyes on this game.