Yesterday(Oct, 24 2016) was the launch of Tom Clancy’s the Division patch 1.4. The work on this patch halted the work on two paid DLC that where scheduled for the game and added a sweeping host of changes into the game. Major chances include a new feature called World Tiers. Once a player hits level thirty they will be able to set what is essential a world base difficulty that is furthered modified by the difficulty of the individual missions. The higher the world tier the more powerful the enemy’s and more importantly the better the gear rating that those enemy’s will drop. Also tier two must be enabled to unlock incursions. Along with that there are many changes to the user interface, roaming NPC groups and bosses are back. Changes to loot drops for bosses, incursions and the dark zones. One of the bigger changes is related to gear. Instead of all the different pieces of gear having different stat bonuses, all items going forward have that removed, and the backpack, holster, and kneepads will have additional slots for performance mods (holster, kneepad=1 backpack=2) With the launch of the patch Ubisoft has made great strives in improving the gameplay by listening to what their players want and need to create an awesome experience. Full patch notes can be found at