Fans of Roguelikes and Metroidvania games who where worried that the genre may have been dying need not fear, for another installment is up for vote for Steam Greenlight. It is called Adaeus: Rogue Planet. Rouge likes are often cited as being a tricky genre to nail, often a game will have too steep a difficulty curve, or will end too quickly. OMGWTF games is looking to strike that balance between danger, and fun in their newest entry to the Rougelike genre Adaeus: Rogue Planet.

In Adaeus: Rogue Planet, your character Darius Cayne is tasked with retrieving a new power source for your failing colony.  Though a familiar story seen in games as old as fall out 2, of course nothing ever comes easy in roguelike games. Of course the planet Adaeus is a dangerous place inhabited by all manner of monsters and rogue machines and robots who will try and stop your progress. To help you on your quest you have your trusty laser pistol your sword and a advanced power suit. The games features a ton of upgrades to both your weapons and armor, and is even going to have crafting.


To best this game you are going to have to perfect your platforming skills along with solving environmental puzzles. Doing these things and killing enemies will allow you to collect nanites and mod chips to improve you weapons and power suit, along with changing up your move sets. Along with improvements to your character you will have to unlock and improve your base so that you can further improve your weapons and armor. Base is also where you will do all of your crafting.  With all this and levels that are randomly generated every time you leave the base it doesn’t seem like you will ever get bored. Levels are randomly generated but will stay in that arrangement until you defeat either a boss or mini-boss.

If you are a fan of this type of game play and and like the games slick looking sixteen bit graphics than this side scrolling challenging adventure may just be what hardcore metroidvania fans are really looking for. Be sure to go check it out on Steams greenlight and give it an up vote. Go check it out on Steam here.


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