Its that time of year again when gamers and viewers on Twitch start the Extra Life charity streams. And boy do we have a big one for you! The folks over at Studio Wildcard are will be starting their twenty four hour live stream of ARK Survival Evolved. Last year the group raised an astounding $23,500 when the goal was only $5,000. This year they are stepping up their goal to a whopping $25,000. A huge but doable goal and for a great cause. There will also be prizes and giveaways so you can help others and could get some sweet stuff for yourself.



Hosting your own ARK stream

If you are interested in hosting your own ARK stream be sure to join the Studio Wildcat tribe HERE . With that said, you can go it on your own with your friends or try and join Wildcat on their server, the choice is yours. Don’t worry if you can’t stream a full twenty four hours any length of stream will help towards the goal.

Doing good.

It is so often said by people who do not game or watch streams that gamers never do any good. That video games are a waste and so on, we have heard them all. But those of us who do play games know that charity is alive and well in the gaming community. That with our fun and interactivity we are helping the lives of so many who are experiencing hard times in their lives. Will you be donating to any Extra Life streams? Do you feel the goal is reachable? Let us know in the comments bellow.