Do you enjoy a fight that includes nine hours of screaming? What about spiky hair, aliens, and witty (if cheesy) one liners? Do you enjoy shooting blasts of energy out of your hands, eyes, or mouth while destroying the landscape; all to protect your planet from being destroyed by aliens? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to look into the new installment in the Dragonball Xenoverse universe.  Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 released on October 25th for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.







I, myself, have played and completed this game. If you played the first game, keep in mind that this is a “re-make” with more content. You will be playing through all of the content from the original game with a better written storyline and more Kamehamehas than you can shake a power pole at. Included in this game are thirty to forty hours of content on the main campaign. Yes, you read that right! That’s more content than most of the recently released RPG titles this year. The newer version also includes more skills and a better flowing combat system. You’ll enjoy the wider range of skills to use in the game. From offensive to defensive, it even includes support skills available for use on parallel quests and the new raid campaigns. The fighting system uses improved camera angles and frame rate which makes the game run a lot smoother.

New Hub City:


Toki Toki City has been replaced with Conton City for the main hub in the game. The new hub is seven times bigger than the original city with no pesky loading zones for the main areas. The developers have changed the travelling options in the new hub. Transportation within the city is easier thanks to the addition of a vehicle in the form of a hover board. While handy in the beginning, this device does become obsolete once you unlock your flying license and can travel around even more quickly.

When exploring this new hub, you’ll meet characters from the show and movies. You will also have the opportunity to train with them to earn their iconic moves such as the Destructo Disc from Krillin. While training with these characters, you can learn from multiple characters without having to raise their friendship. This particular requirement was met by many objections from players of the original game, many of whom will be delighted with it being left out in this version. In lieu of raising character’s friendships, you now complete placement “tests” given by a robot at the training school in the hub city.

Character Creation:

As for character design, there are no new playable races in this game. While the lack of additions is a disappointment, the original races from the first installment’s lineup do receive some upgrades. Each race now offers different fighting styles, transformations, and a more fleshed out character creation system. There are also many more clothing and accessory options now available to customize your character. Alongside these changes, a new system allows you to combine two different pieces of clothing to obtain a piece of equipment which nullifies the stat changes received by your character’s clothing. This equipment then uses the stat changes from the equipped item instead of the clothing your character is currently wearing. These changes all come together to allow players to access a wider range of customization for their character’s looks and presentation.

New Additions and Features:


One major perk worth mentioning is that you can import your original Time Patroller as a character in the game!  He or she is displayed as the Hero of Toki Toki City. This hero plays a big part in the story line for the new game as well! For those that have not played the original game, don’t worry! You won’t be missing out! The developers have added the option to choose a male or female hero from the five races by choosing one of the developer-created characters provided. I feel that this is a fantastic feature to connect the two games as well as the two story lines to make this feel more like a sequel than a re-make. Bravo Dimps, bravo.

The online portion of this game is much better than its predecessor as well. Most notably are many more parallel quests and that the online PvP matches make a return.  The PvP matches can include ranked or unranked matches with stat changes from clothing and usable items included or not included.  There are also new leader boards and your Time Patroller can even be featured as the holographic statue in the middle of Conton City for all to see!

The developers have added “time rifts” that are missions for up to six players. Participants can include non-player characters or actual players. Fighting powered up enemies like Great Ape Nappa or Metal Cooler are examples of the time rifts.  Players are tasked with defeating these enemies by overcoming new twists to the battles. There are also mini time rifts that have been added into the game. Your character can complete these side missions as a part of the Frieza Force, helping Elder Guru and Nail in protecting the Namekian Dragon Balls or even feeding Majin Buu to help him in expanding his family. Another new feature are raids though I have yet to participate in one, but I look forward to testing out this new feature soon.


In conclusion, I think this game is definitely worth a pick up. If you’re a fighting game fan that is looking for a new twist to the genre, or even a Dragon Ball Z fan that is searching for a good game to play individually or with friends, you’ll want to try this game. I have yet to experience any frame drops on the Xbox One version of this game. I have also had no issues at all with the game servers with no lag or difficulty in joining a lobby. Experience the full Dragon Ball Z story as your personally created Time Patroller! Work with popular and rarely seen characters to save the universe as we know it!