Guest Article by: Bashzor

WARNING do NOT get the Nvidia driver 375.85 it will drop your frames down to 30 fps.

Nvidia’s most recent driver 375.85 seems to have caused major FPS issues in many systems. Released today the driver has been reported by several sources including Guru 3D and Engadget.

Nvidia has recently, been coming out with quantity not quality. Every new game release gets a new driver. It is a struggle to make drivers for all the cards that are out today. Nvidia should have very little trouble avoiding this by just testing on their full line.

I personally have a 965m which is by no means top end but this is effecting people with titans and 10 series cards! That is a lot of money spent on a card to have a driver come in and ruin the day. This will not happen to all but if you had to update your driver to play BF1 like I did and gave it that driver, you will likely have had the same issues I have dealt with. It even brought down games such as CS:GO and league of legends. Valve even thought it was CS:GO even thought it was an Nvidia driver issue so they found an interesting solution with the XBOX DVR fix that I also tried with no change.

becuase its rate rare something this blatantly bad to come out of Nvidia, many game companies end up  scrambling trying to figure out what the problem is. A big problem that I found with this driver is the inability to easily change back to your older driver. That should be an option in the G-Force Experience, for cases like this that left me out of games for two days. Lucky for us Nvidia is fast when it comes to hot fixing. They brought us 375.95 today so get it ASAP!

GTX 1080/1070/1060 GPUs are some of the most commonly effected. There are others out there, and reports that even the titan got hit.