Today, Dreams announced that motion controller support for The Assembly goes live on Tuesday, Nov 29 for Vive via Steam. An equivalent update for Oculus Touch and PlayStation Move arriving before the end of year, 2016. Just look at this freaking beautiful Video, you can pick stuff up and look at it. You can select stuff, You can move around. Holy shit it looks great. I dont own any VR units but dam am I jealous of people who get to move around in room scale with their VR.


About The Assembly

The Assembly is an immersive, interactive story in first-person VR inspired by real-world anxieties. The game centres around the eponymous Assembly, an enigmatic collective that has hidden itself from the world to conduct its experiments outside the constraints of government scrutiny and society’s morals. But what secrets is it hiding? What will it sacrifice in the name of progress? That’s for players to discover by taking on the role of two different protagonists, who both have the chance to shake the foundations of this mysterious organisation.

For more details about the game, please visit The Assembly’s website, Facebook page and YouTube playlist, or visit nDreams’ blog for a wealth of behind-the-scenes information.