Today Endless Space 2 decided it was time to get a little bigger. The original game was famous for it’s depth of strategy, free DLC for everyone whom bought a copy, and the 4X strategy provided both in Tactical Combat and in the large scale of the strategy game. Here we see that they are sticking to that system by simply updating in new factions and new features. Award-Winning developer Amplitude Studios has announced they intended to add many new features to the current build of Endless Space 2.


These include 1 new major faction you can play, 3 minor factions whom provide quests and can be conquered, 2 of which are factions from the origin Endless Space, but they didn’t just stop with new factions. Additional gameplay features have been added as well:

  • Increased to 200 for Turn Limit
  • A Marketplace where you can exchanged dust for resources and heroes (Not in the 1st game)
  • An entire additional Era worth of Space Technologies to kill your opponents with
  • A Deeds system for performing special actions

Prologue video for New Faction:

There is the promise list of more with this patch such as a truce system and weapons revamp but that has not been discussed in detail by the developer as of yet what it will contain but they have promised that ship hulls will no longer have restrictions on weapon types they can carry. This is much needed and welcome as Endless Space 2 as the game needs of additional ways in order to separate itself from Endles Space 1. I personally played the first game and put over 200 hours into, when I heard about the second game I was less than enthusiastic because I wondered how they could possibly expand upon “Endless”. Seeing this patch gives me hope that the game still has some tricks up it’s sleeve in order to improvethe formula while at the same time adding whole new story elements and additional new features. At present however, I am going to wait on this one to see what all actually is in the new announced update since some of the features haven’t been announced yet.


Is Endless Space 2 worth picking up? Well if you liked the first 3 games in the Endless Series (Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Legend, and Endless Space) then you are likely to like Endless Space 2. However, if you are like me and prefer to wait for the full feature list when a game is in Early Access then don’t quite pick it up yet but add it to your wish and watch lists. You never know when you are going to see something incredibly good come from Amplitude Studios and the Endless series is their staple flagship game. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep you up to date on this one.

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