“Oih Laddy! Where is my Hobbit?” Well she may have arrived as Narmora the newest hero announced for The Dwarves. This upcoming isometric RPG involves quite a lot of background with it’s development by THQ Nordic with what they call “The Coolest Fantasy Race”. Based on the Novels of the same name the game only has a few more days till release. The way THQ Nordic is introducing it makes it full of character and combat ideas that make Diablo III looks old school in comparison.

With this latest release in the isometric RPG/Strategy Hybrid we see the agile assassin arrive. Narmora comes with abilities to blink around the battlefield and run circles around foes rather than taking them head on. In addition to this, the game graphics have slowly gotten better with smoother animations and a way of telling a story through combat rather than just voice acting. This release means that The Dwarves is now offering much more than I personally would have ever expected from an RPG and is one that I am very excited about.

There are all unique characters one of which will be announced next week, just after release of the game mind you. The Dwarves also offersa completely custom engine that has a flavor of combat previous unattainable in Dungeon Siege and Diablo. These include having actual physics and interactable terrain or the ability to knock opponents off one level onto another, sometimes to their death. Furthermore a sound track built for the game that means that people who show this on YouTube can leave the music on. The sound track includes an orchestra and a fully voiced choir on par with what you expect from a Lord of the Rings movie. This is in addition to top knock voice talent which fans of anime will recognize.

In the end this is one title I am looking forward to. Personally if I can get my hands on a copy you better believe I will be playing it on a Live Stream or through a Let’s Play video because who doesn’t like The Dwarves. They are crude, greedy, and mean but also light hearted. Once you make a friend of “The Coolest Fantasy Race” (THQ) they will always come to defend you, even if it means their own death. Check it out The Dwarves on steam on December 1st.

Link to Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/403970/

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