John’s Soda is teaming up with Target stores nationwide to bring you a free bottle of  Wiz’s Energizing Elixir with your purchase of Final Fantasy XV. You will also be able to buy more for 2.99 while supplies last. So if you love this kinda stuff get out to your local Target stores starting tomorrow (November 29) to get your bottles. It is orange cream soda flavored, one of my favorite flavors.


Good or Bad?

So a special soda for a game launch, and its only at Target. So what do we see here we see very targeted marketing of course. Also not the first of its kind. We can all remember back to Fallout 4’s launch and the Nuka Cola that was available to buy with it. So at its heart this is a move by both Target and Johns Soda to get you into brick and mortar stores who have been losing huge amount of ground to digital retailers. Not a bad move my only issue is that its only target stores. This to mean is a little silly for Johns since they can make more the more retailers that carry it. But enough of me what do you guys think? Will this bring you into Target or will you just buy it off the digital marketplace? I can see many people getting these for the holidays. I am curious if it will be a solid money maker for either party.