Earth’s Dawn seems like there is somethingto it and what Rising Star Games has to offer. There is the appearance of a simple side scroller on the surface. Then you have this massive inclusion of moves, manuevers, an unending enemy force and an objective straight out of the lines of a futuristic Lord of the Rings movie. The game really reminds me quite a bit of Viewtiful Joe on Gamecube back in the early 2000s.

The game has some stunning elements of display and the gameplay is fast, fluid, and quite insane with the over the top anime style maneuvers. Now I’m singing all this praise as a fan of Viewtiful Joe which really wanted to the series to continue into a franchise but there isn’t a lot of places you could go with VJ. Instead Rising Star Games is seeking to reclaim the magic that came with the Gamecube only title into something fresh and reborn.

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong when combining a Ghost in The Shell style of Anime to a shell shaded game with a 2D fighting system that on the surface looks deep and complex; mixed with fast paced gameplay. It is my hope there is more to the story than just diving into the Earth and attempting to liberate it from parasitic robots. It is an Anime based game and therefore we have always come to expect this type of story to be much more than it seems on the surface. The Japanese publisher is really looking to extend it’s global reach with the growth of the Anime market in Europe and the United States, Earth’s Dawn may be their first real attempt to capture audiences abroad.


All of this said I do have some concern in that they haven’t gotten a translation team to work on translating the game to local market languages due to the Japanese Voice Over mixed with subtitles. With the pace of the game, no one is really going to have time to read subtitles. Furthermore the question of whether the art style and depth of combat is truly there. There is plenty of raw gameplay by various YouTubers and online personalities available to go check out but I constantly only hear the Japanese Voice work and that does concern me with the sheer pace I see people playing and moving through the game of having to stop and check subtitles as the gameplay progresses. We will just have to wait and see upon final release.

You Can check out Earth’s Dawn on December 7th, Avialable World Wide on PS4, Xbox One, and PC:

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