Where has our good tabletop to computer experience been Warhammer 40,000? Why does it always seem like companies make something else but never the core Gamesworkshop game? Well fear not everyone for it is coming, in January. Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach is about the battle between the Space Wolves and The Orks upon Sanctus Reach. With the recently released preview builds we see it, a true to life version of the tabletop game brought to a computer.

Graphically speaking, in my opinion, the game is going for a combination of cell shading and looking like actual painted tabletop miniatures. The rules and the way the game flows however is straight out of a Gamesworkshop store. I think Slitherine Ltd. may have another winner with the license having already done the Armageddon series which plays much like the 5mm Epic Rules for Warhammer 40K.

In this case, Sanctus Reach feels so very real and complete on the one level that we have been allowed to play.

In addition, the game has promised quite a lot of content as well as unit customization and experience points to integrate the battles into a coherent prolonged campaign. Online multiplayer may also be coming a first of a Slitherine title consider that their other titles like Panzer Corps were strictly single player experiences. It is my hope they bring the tabletop experience to solo, cooperative, and competitive modes. Developer Straylight Entertainment is however unproven and this is their first title to appear on Steam. The question becomes can they deliver the experience shown in the preview level or is it all for show and no substance outside of this one demo level?

This is something that Slitherine Ltd is pushing forward and hoping to prove the new developer is capable of delivering the Sanctus Reach experience Warhammer 40,000 fans want to see.

Full Demo Play Through, Warning Long

At present based upon the demo, the game has solid mechanics which take some reaching to get the grip of and some basic math skills to understand. In addition to this, it has been designed with a simple two mouse button interface and removed the need to really use any hotkeys. Considering this is turned based strategy and has stuck as close to the tabletop rules as possible; that is fine with myself as well as other 40K fans.

With my experience so far even the demo has some replay-ability. Elements of RNG combine with different army compositions to make it quite well rounded an experience. In addition to this, you the player can design a different army concept each time you play for every single level. This means you can build an all fast attack or take a infantry wave or just bring all the terminators. If this is the case with the final game, then Sanctus Reach will indeed be a 40K experience that you will have to check out yourself to truly experience.

Check it out at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/502370/

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