AntLion Audio has announced their newest microphone, the Modmic 5, for those who dont know about Antlion’s Modmic line, it a microphone which attaches to your headset with an adhesive clasp that secures it firmly to your headset.




The 5.0 model is said to address issues with cable management by introducing a cable that is modular. The new 5.0 version also sports duo mic modes so you can now switch between omni-directional or uni-directional



they also have added “premium outer materials, stronger magnets, kevlar reinforced wiring, and a stronger steel spine” I don’t personally know how much this improves the quality of the microphone but nobody has never said “oh darn now my microphone is too durable!”




With the new model obviously comes a new price, currently the 5.0 is priced at 69.95 which (at this time) is roughly $27 more than the 4.0, If you are already a fan of Modmics it might be work checking out the upgrade however people new to the microphone might be better off testing out the 4.0.


Are you going to make the jump to the 5.0? Feel free to comment on why, or why you are holding off.