Superhot is well, an interesting title to say the least. I feel more that the game suffered because of the lack of VR upon release. In superhot you play a hacker whom plays a game they hacked. Pretty self explanatory, except when playing you are dodging and moving in a way that time only passes when you move or make an action. You must improvise your way through weapons, stealing them from others, or whatever you can manage including throwing the gun at your opponent. They break apart in beautiful art style of just digit red polygons against a solid white background. People shatter like glass and glass shatters like glass too in this one as well.

What I feel from this first person experience is that VR would have been such a better way to play this game. It is fast paced, one hit and you die, with a unique mechanic, time moves only when you do. All this in a first person game makes it all the more visceral even if the entire premise feels so surreal. To myself I found it interesting in the same way that you would initially find a Virtual Boy interesting, the gimmick is there but something was truly missing to make it worth your time. In Virtual Boy’s case it was not blinding me in Superhot’s it is VR. I can see myself moving through and remembering to freeze my body. Each and every piece moving in my mind like a chess game while in my eyes I have the discipline to wait for my moment and take advantage.

Superhot VR is already out on Oculus and is being bundled with the new Oculus Touch controllers. If you have a VR headset this is probably something you wanna check out. Considering the regular PC version of the game; dodging bullets Neo Matrix style may be your new work out routine since the game looks exhausting. Specatual dives, throwing objects, aiming a gun, and then throwing the empty gun all plays into the game in a way you cannot ever expect. Give it a look if you are into the VR or have an Oculus already. For myself, if only I had the money.

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