Space Hulk: Deathwing is delayed but this is no large surprise. There have been discussions from the Multiplayer Beta of crashes. For something as hyped as this game is in the 40K community, you can’t have a botched release. Everyone is putting a lot of pressure to succeed on this game; since so many 40K games this year have been failures. Eternal Crusade has fallen and been shown to not be ready upon release, Dawn of War III previews are drawing mixed reactions, and several other minor titles have just been terrible. The only game so far this year from the change in Gamesworkshop licensing method that was good was Battlefleet Gothic.

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While the delay is only 5 days it is both worrying and at the same time provides hope they will fix the bugs and errors with the game. People are worried because we might end up with another Eternal Crusade or a worse game than that. To many of us for various reasons 2016 has been disappointing but this is especially true with the 40K community. Gamesworkshop this year did a 180 and changed their restrictive policy about getting the license to their games. Instead they now issue the license to anyone who can pay for it. Furthermore, they have spurred old creators whom held the license before by telling them the new agreement is the only one they offer hence why Fantasy Flight Games isn’t making tabletop for them anymore after 2016.

This opened up a lot of possibility and made many Warhammer fans hopeful that we would see dozens of great if not amazing games. Total War: Warhammer was long overdue. This game is failing now due to unit balance issues, the way paid DLC is being released without much testing, and the massive price tag as a barrier to entry. I hear time and again how people are just not interested in playing Total War: Warhammer. Several games have launched and either been bad games or not delivered on their promise. Eternal Crusade had lofty goals and promises only to start going back on them with massive paid content on an already 40$ USD title. Carnage Champions was just…a bad game.

Space Hulk: Deathwing looks amazing and having played it myself with a full play through of the first level at this point multiple times, I can say it is quite good as is. The problems are technical issues with hosting, random crashes, disconnection/reconnect issues, and hit registration upon targets as well as players. It is hoped all of this is a net coding issue by the community but there is a huge hyped desire for Space Hulk: Deathwing to succeed. If Space Hulk: Deathwing succeeds it will be a bright spot in 2016 for fans of 40K and new players to the universe alike.

Let’s hope we all get to check it out on December 14th.

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