It’s finally here!  After being born as Lily Bergamo and going through a massive overhaul it’s finally arrived! With a name like LET IT DIE and Someone as out of their fucking mind as Suda51 at the helm you know your in for something thats just a little…different.


There’s no doubt that this console generation has definitely been a good one for Sony. This time around the PlayStation 4 has nailed a lot of console exclusive games from indie to AAA and there are tons of new ones springing up and/or being revived all the time now. LET IT DIE is quite possibly one of the most fucked up games I’ve had the rage fueled pleasure of playing, and it’s one of those Exclusives! Not only is it only on PS4 (sorry PC, that excludes you and your master race) but apparently you can’t stream it through YouTube via the PS4’s built in streaming service.


Meet Uncle Death, This dude kills me!


Now me personally, I’ve always been a fan of “weird” things: movies, games, books, cars, TV shows, you name it. Naturally Goichi Suda A.K,A Suda51 is one of my favorite individuals to ever touch game creation! Why? Because he’s not afraid to step outside of the box and fuck what you think! His games are well designed, thought out, meticulously crafted masterpieces. Yeah, they might be kind of clunky at times, or beat the living shit out of you… over & over & over & over. It’s okay though because that mixed with their style, attitude and all around bad-assery are what make them so great.



With this game though… It’s like they all sat down at a meeting, threw out a whole bunch of crazy ass ideas and at the end of a shroom fueled night of craziness they sobered up and were like, “OK guys, lets make this all into a game!”… and damn it, I love them them for that. It’s like if an acid trip played out like one of the games in the Souls series with a rogue-like backbone while doing meth with leatherface. SERIOUSLY, most of the enemies in this game will want to be on you like the last rock at Crack-Fest. It’s unforgiving, it’s dark, it’s colorful, it’s managed to piss me off multiple times, and coolest of all IT’S FUCKING FREE!




Yeah, that’s right, FREE! Thankfully you never feel the freemium sting and it doesn’t feel like a lot of games tend to. You know, the whole only being able play if you have stamina or the over used “VIP” A.K.A. Pay-2-win structure. You can however purchase Death Metals which serve as this games unique premium currency and they seem really reasonable. They allow you to purchase Death insurance to come back from that unfortunate run in with a crack head gang-bang, expand storage, or you can trade them in for more Kill Coins. You can also spend real money on a premium account for bonus goodies and an express pass that let you use a swanky ass private elevator for free with a with a couch and a sexy operator instead of the janky one you normally have to pay to use (starts out cheap but the price increases as you progress through the tower) that probably smells like dead people and piss.


You get one of these random bad boys everyday!




If you liked Dark/Demon Souls, Lords of the Fallen, Nioh or any other game with that kind of play-style/control set up then there’s plenty for you here just on the surface. If you happen to be one of those people like myself that loved Killer 7, No More Heroes 1&2, Shadows of the Damned, &/or Lollipop Chainsaw, get ready to have a great time here in the Tower of Barbs!


Speaking of which, that’s where a good chunck of of this interactive lesson in pain takes place. The good ol’ seemingly 30 story and possibly growing, deathtrap, nut case, and hater filled tower of shit trying to kill you known as Barbs. Be prepared for a slow climb though, because being careless can set you back quite a bit here unless you’ve saved up some kill coins to burn for Hater retrieval.


What’s a Hater? A Hater is what your character becomes when you die in the tower. Other peoples Haters will show up in your tower too, so be careful. If you can take out the interfering sack of shit theres a good chance of a decent piece of equipment dropping. I don’t however recommend running up on a level 28 at level 02, it might be completely possible to win but it’s not very likely and probably not worth it.




This creepy fucker is your guide in the Tokyo Death Metro


After you make yor way through the game a little ways you’ll find the Tokyo Death Metro or TDM for short. If you decide to find in this game you want to go full asshole you can totally do that. You start it out by joining in with your state/country depending on where in the world you are and attack everyone thats not from your neck of the hood. TDM allows you to visit another soon-to-be Haters’ Waiting Room and gives you 3 minutes beat the shit out of his collection of arcade corpses, kidnap them, rescue Haters hes captured, and/or destroy their bank and SPLithium tank. Also worth mentioning is the Express pass gives you a sweet swanky-ass train that negates the Kill Coin cost of raiding other players.




This is definitely a super hefty package that results in a free-to-play game that doesn’t feel like any other free-to-play game out there. There’s so much more I haven’t even touched on really like the weapons or gear system in general, crazy enemy types, getting gang-banged in the corners, Goretastic attacks, or the different classes you can pick from. This is definitely a ride worth the price of admission and then some!


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  • Lots of gear
  • Brutality cranked up to 1000
  • You never feel forced to pony up real cash
  • The Suda51 style we’ve grown to love in full effect
  • It couldn’t possibly be any cheaper



  • Getting overwhelmed and becoming a Hater is gut wrenching
  • Targeting system doesn’t seem to allow for easy target switching (maybe I’m just missing something)
  • missing a drop kick sucks



  • Hammers are wonderful and easy to upgrade. (Don’t worry, carrying 6 or more hammers isnt weird unless you’re NOT listening to “U Can’t Touch This”)
  • The drop kick can obliterate almost any enemy in one shot early on, master this!
  • Once you have blueprints stick with gear you make yourself over drops, it lasts way longer and is usually significantly stronger
  • Have as many characters as you have slots available. Just havng one isn’t enough, especially in The Death Metro
  • Save you dodge rolls for when you face multiple attackers, simply walking backwards is enough to dodge 99% of the attacks
  • save your Shrooms and Beasts so you can cook them and increase their potency