It’s official, Fenix Fire Entertainment and their PR team, Reverb Triple XP, have announced the first major content update for their early access game, Osiris: New Dawn.  The new ‘Dawn of Aziel’ update will be available on steam December 15th.  It certainly looks like ‘Dawn of Aziel’ will add a lot of fun new stuff and a whole new frozen world of Aziel!

New Content for ‘Dawn of Aziel’

The ‘Dawn of Aziel’ update is bringing us all sorts of new and exciting craftable items. Such as our new outdoor utilities, the ChemStation, 3D printer, and solar panel arrays. The update also includes new melee weapons as well as a heavy assault rifle. Oh yeah, and we’re getting landmines! Because who doesn’t love explosions?  Rifles, and landmines, and Mechs, oh my!  Did I forget to mention we’re getting a Mech?  No game is complete these days without a Mech!

'Dawn of Aziel' ChemStation and 3D printer Screenshot

Shaking up the System

Looks like we’re in for a change in the gameplay too folks. This update will be introducing a new skill and proficiency system. We will now be able to level up our astronauts and use skill points to specialize our characters based on how we wish to play.  They’re also adding in Azurnium, a super rare mineral, and the ability to mine nearby asteroids.

Dawn of Aziel Screenshot

What is Osiris: New Dawn?

The year is 2046 A.D., and mankind has discovered a new propulsion system called the “fold engine”, which can attain near-light speeds. The U.N.E (United Nations of Earth) have created mission ‘Osiris: New Dawn’ in an attempt to study planets as possible colonies.  With the Osiris-1 team missing, they have sent you out as part of the second team.  This puts you in the Gliese 581 system, which is 20 light years from Earth. Your spacecraft malfunctions, leaving light speed and forcing an emergency landing on a nearby planet.  As players we are tasked with surviving the ever changing weather, building a central base, growing our own food, and exploring to uncover what happened to the Osiris-1 team.

I for one a excited to see what Osiris: New Dawn will bring to the table as development continues. Early access survival games like this can be really interesting to see develop, seeing how a game progresses, and watching as new parts are added. Stay tuned folks, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we hear more about this update, and the game in general.