As the title says a huge free! Yes free update for farm sim on PS4 is coming to your consoles soon. So strap in folks and lets take a look at whats coming.

Over 9000

Well maybe the power wont be quite that high but you get my point. The PS4 pro update as it called will allow you to get the full power out of your system. With this update you will be able to choose what resolution you would like to play at. You can choose between 4K, HD 10180 at 60 FPS or Quad HD 1440p at 60 FPS. This allows for more immersion and players will gain greater clarity thanks to higher quality shadows and an increased draw distance. Many other across platform updates suggested by the player base will also be coming soon a full list of them can be found on the official forums. Along with this update an announcement of Farm Sims release on the Mac OS, So their will be a another game to add to Apples long list. Finally PS4 owners signed up to PS plus can download Massey-Ferguson Black Duals vehicle for free. Who doesn’t love free vehicles.

So their you have it the full power of the PS4 is being unlocked. What say the players? Awesome update with new graphics and choices what you are looking for? Or where you hoping for some other additions? lets us know in the comments below.