Global publisher announces their first virtual reality PC game will launch December 15th on Steam. VR Invaders is a futuristic first person shooter set in virtual reality. At first I thought I was reading a typo. But it’s not, the game is actually about being stuck in a virtual reality game and having to fight your way out.

Can you shoot your way out of Virtual Reality, in VR Invaders?

What’s it about?

Unlike most futuristic games VR Invaders chooses to set itself a little closer to home, placing itself in the near future.  In this future, most people use virtual reality as a distraction from their lives. Some people even take it as far as spending most of their lives plugged into the VR.  Occasionally due to some sort of software bug or virus a user will become “Stuck”, unable to log out.  In these instances the VR corporations hire freelance hackers called Divers to protect their company and get the “stuck” unstuck.


In VR Invaders you take the role of the Diver, a member of a special virtual reality rescue force.  You are sent in to rescue a user that is “stuck” due to a vicious virus.  Equipped with your trusty space age blaster and time-bending energy shield you’ll face down hordes of droids created by the virus.  The game provides multiple levels, with challenging boss battles, and power ups that can slow time or give you the option to dual wield.

Game Features

This game promises a fair amount given that it’s a first VR game for We’ve been promised a story with engaging characters and a mystery to solve.  As with most first person shooters this is meant to be a fast paced shooter with fairly easy game mechanics.  However, they have given us the option of slowing the game down for a breather when we need.  Whether or not this required letting us freeze time is a matter of opinion. (I’m more of the mind that if I need a second I’m okay with just hitting pause.)  They’ve also promised us a good deal of content; between hordes of droids, a variety of very different looking levels, several power-ups which change your weapon, and the ability to replay levels with varying levels of difficulty.

My Thoughts on VR Invaders

I certainly give them props on the innovative thinking when it comes to the story and setting for this game.  It is a bit convoluted, but I kind of like it. I’m a little skeptical about how much of a true story they can develop this into though. So I’ll be interested to see where this one goes.  How about you? Are you interested in VR Invaders? Or are you even interested in VR games at all?