Manual Samuel is a game about doing your life on manual. The game is about Samuel who is a rich dick with no concept of how life works for everyone else. He’s never had to do anything for himself all his life. That is what adds to the comedy here; you really feel like Samuel deserves what he is getting. The basic plot being that he dies at the start of the game and from here out, you spend the next 24 hours under Death’s Curse in order to get a second chance. What is Death’s curse? Being forced to Control all your bodily functions manually. You have to walk, breathe, blink, eat, everything you normally do must be a conscious effort via the player’s input.

Now that we have the concept Manual Samuel turns out this quirky little game is quite a bit of fun, in the sense that a game like Darkest Dungeon is fun. You are making the best of a bad situation and the frustration that ensues from attempting to not kill other people or die yourself from something as simple as brushing your teeth. These are just first impressions but the combination of humor, satire, and laughing at the worst possible outcomes is all there. The level of frustration is thrown off by the characters. The writing is done well enough that even when you mess up and manage to either kill Samuel or someone else; the restarting of the level doesn’t feel so bad. The game isn’t so difficult that you have to worry about repeating the same section dozens of times. I would almost say you want to fail a section at least once.


As far as I can tell Manual Samuel is a solid game here. Manual Samuel may not be the longest experience I feel as with only 25 minutes in I’m to chapter 3 of 8. However it is one of the least expensive purchases I could have made towards a game that personally I’m using a Let’s Play which is how I feel the game was meant. We are seeing this more and more since 2013 games that aren’t meant for random people to play so much as watch others play. I feel that Manual Samuel falls into that category. If you are looking for something fun to play for others entertainment; this is your stick. If you want something with a combination of frustration and comedic satire on life, this is your stick. Otherwise, perhaps you should just relax and enjoy someone else’s suffering as they play through the game.

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