So it’s out now, the last Multiplayer DLC for this year of the 3 planned for DOOM.  I quite frankly am glad to see them still working on this game but am still a firm believer that DOOM is meant to be played Single Player.  With this expansion comes 3 new maps, an all new set of demon themed armor, and a new demon the Spectre Pinky.  Unlike the previous demons of the Knight of Hell and the Revenant this creature players more to a stealthy aspect.  Since the Spectre Pinky can cloak in DOOM it makes it quite a nasty surprise to sneak up on opponents.  While standing completely still it’s nearly invisible and similar to the Predator movie, when it moves you can see the shimmer.  Although in this case the Spectre Pinky is also the most fragile of all the demons.

One of the new maps places us in quite an interesting place we’ve never seen in any DOOM game, on board a wrecked space ship.  It is hinted at throughout the 3 preivous DOOM titles that there is a UNSC Space Fleet but we’ve never seen a ship.  It is my hope that for Single Player expansion that has been rumored, we see environments inside these space ships. For DOOM it would be something completely new to fight in Zero-Gravity or to fight as a Marine boarding a demon possessed ship.  Even going so far as to say perhaps the demons have devised their own vessels and that is why this UNSC ship is utterly destroyed?

Further in this expansion are the demon armors.  These provide a sense of variations on the possessed elite soldier them for DOOM.  You see them standing around with various arcane symbols and runes upon their armor.  Flames do spout from their mouths or acid drips onto the ground and this adds an ascetic of less about a war-game for Marines at the UNSC base and more actually fighting real demons.  This combine with the previous expansions gives the options to customize yourself in the multiplayer as a marine, a demon possessed marine or just a creation of hell itself within the DOOM universe.  The armors seem more like a progression in their art style like they are building up to something, before we had the human armor and then the humans mutated and possessed by Hell and now full on completely reconstructed by Hell itself.  Perhaps, at least my hope, is that Bethesda and ID Software are looking to provide hints about where a possible single player expansion is going to go with DOOM.

In addition to all of this we cannot forget the 1 weapon added like the previous expansions and this time it’s a simpler weapon, a grenade launcher. Fairly basic and unlike the rocket launcher it can bounce around a corner to an unsuspecting foe as well as provide a much faster rate of fire.  This expansion rounds out the final piece of the season pass for multiplayer but that is one expensive season pass to not pack something else behind it.  If you are like me however, you are holding out for a DOOM single player expansion or a flat out full on new campaign.  Only time will tell now.

I do give some bit of warning for this DLC however, please do read the steam reviews before determining if you wish to purchase, as some have good things to say and others have well still issues that need to be addressed with DOOM Multiplayer.

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