So the time has arrived. we have begun our assault on the space hulk. Flanked by our brothers in the Deathwing wing we will scour it clean of the Xenos.


Well Space Hulk Deathwing has launched and I feel it is a solid game. While many like myself where annoyed with the delay of release and the buggy beta. The time was well spent by the developers in improving the game. My experience over all was solid. The game ran well on Medium settings (I have a not great PC so sue me.). My first steps into the space hulk where beautiful and really captured that feel of 40K. The first room if I can paint a picture for you. Exit your boarding torpedo stomping in you terminator armor. You and your battle brothers stand on a raised cat walk overlooking various pipes and machines. All in all the look and feel of everything is spot on and you will feel like you are on ships of various design and construction. So the looks are spot on, beautiful and truly great for the setting.

They will be flooding in soon

Game play

First lets take a look at single player. I have put nine hours into the single player missions and I am still not though it. So campaign length is there, no blowing through all the mission in a couple of hours. So check one to FHI for giving us a solid long experience for the campaign. Which has been sorely missing in many modern FPS where we get about four or five hours of a campaign then bam its done go play multiplayer. The game is broke down into missions which in game terms means each ship is its own mission. So you start with an objective you go do that and then you get the next one. One of the real downsides of this is that you will generally end up backtracking several times through areas possibly even having to bust down doors and such you locked down before. Fun fact though smashing a geanstealer under a door and cutting it in half very satisfying. So while we have a pretty good campaign gotta say some of the little things are kinda killer. One thing we you must know is that this game is hard. You will be having a tough time and dying on normal. That’s right everyone normal will be a killer the Xeno’s are tough and the give no quarter. Along with the difficulty being rather high(not a deal breaker but damn normal is a challenge.). All you collectible hunters out there will have your work cut out for you. So relics can be found scattered around the levels but most of them are out of the way. I have yet to be able to find all of them in any of the levels scouring them room to room. Challenge seems to be the name of the game here.

A quick thought on multiplayer is that it is even more of a challenge then single player. The enemy’s are more numerous and of larger and more deadly variety’s from the very start. Success will be hard fought so grab three of your friends if you hope to stand a chance in the multiplayer.

Final thoughts

Lets start straight out of the gate this game is fun. It experienced no crashes in the nine plus hours of play. The only two times I had bugs was the rag-dolls flying about sometimes. That and one syth type using a fly move for no reason. Beyond that the game looks feels and sounds like 40K should sound. So lots of good in this game but it does have its flaws. One glaring issue is that we only have Tyranids as enemy’s. NO Orks no random humans we can guess they will be DLCS at some point. But really enemy variety would be a welcome addition. At the end of the day this game to me is worth the forty dollars but if you are not super invested in the lore of 40K definitely pick it up on sale. Fun frantic action prepare to yell a lot at your friends.