I am sure that many of you reading this remember the all time classic game form Atari Asteroids. There have been countless games trying to capture the magic that was that simple triangle flying around a screen shooting dots at vectored asteroids since 1979. Now Astervoid 2000 enters the fray.

Astervoid 2000 is a new 1 to 4 player local-multi space brawler by Justin Luk & Chuck Bergeron. Inspired by the days of classic arcade gaming, but with that modern gameplay feel. Survive solo or team up to play a main role in your enemies destruction.  Over two years in the making, Astervoid was designed from the start to be a super fun couch multiplayer experience that could be enjoyed time and time again with friends. We grew up addicted to couch multiplayer games such as Bomberman, Secret of Mana, WCW/nWo Revenge, Contra, Double Dragon, etc. — and seeing such an amazing resurgence of this tradition with titles such was something we knew we had to be a part of.

The evolution of Astervoid 2000 over the years


  • includes a Singleplayer Survival mode, compete for the high score on the global leaderboard
  • features seriously gorgeous pixels placed by highly skilled pixel artists
  • 1 bangin’ original soundtrack composed by Memorecks & LREVG
  • endless hours of fun destroying your friends time and time again to take the cake