Take the the streets of 1918 London. You are Dr. Jonathan Reid having just returned from the great war. Trying to get back to helping the sick during the deadly out break of the Spanish Flu.

Love the look of the streets

The doctor with a hunger

A hunger for blood. The premise that is looking to be delivered in this game is certainly an interesting one. You are a doctor who has become a vampire. The developers are working hard to bring a vibrant London to life. All the npcs have names, families, jobs, hopes dreams. Now another thing is that you can kill anyone. All of them are for the taking if you wish to feed on them all to gather strength. Or you can try and kill as little as possible. Though as the game progresses the number of vampire hunters may make you rethink your choice. How and who you kill will affect the lives of those around them. Kill someone with no family or a homeless man no one notices. take out a shop owner and you may see that shop closed down since no one else can run it. A vibrant world like that will certainly be challenging but very rewarding.

A midnight snack

The choice of location and time is also interesting choice. Very few games have taken place in the early 20th century and with the great war fresh in the peoples mind. Along with the many social and economic issues that popped up around that time. If you are interested in taking a better look at it then go watch the trailer here. Then come back and tell us what you think will this be an interesting choice of themes? Or will it end up being generic? Tell us down below.