Final Fantasy Mobius has been named one of Googles best games of 2016. Landing among the “most beautiful games” of the year.


High praise

Final fantasy has always been a beautiful game for whatever time it is made in. We all remember that Final Fantasy seven was amazing (thought it hasn’t aged well). It is great that even the mobile entry’s are continuing the trend of great art and enemy’s. Project Lead Naoki Hamaguchi and VFX Director Shintaro Takai have expressed gratitude to the community for there overweeningly positive response to the game. Hopefully all of the players enjoyed the holiday themed events for players of all levels. They also kinted at possible collaborations with other Final fantasy titles. You can go check out the full interview here if your interested.

It looks so good

Beautiful art has always been a mainstay of Final Fantasy and this praise from Google means the mobile title is keeping with that trend. It is amazing the work and polish a dedicated tema can deliver to us even on our phones. I am looking forward to seeing what the coming years will brign us in the mobile games department. Gone are the days of simple pixel graphics and the newest mobile games will certainly be pushing our phones to the limit. As they should be. So do you want mobile games to look really good? Or is that not a real important reason for you to download one? Let us know down below.