The aliens called the Thargoids have appeared in the Xbox one version of the game. Elite: Dangerous is a space sim that recreated the whole milkyway galaxy, so its pretty logical that there would be aliens in the game, but despite being out for over two years no one has discovered any. Until today.

This was then confirmed by a tweet on the official twitter account.

A mega thread on reddit is compiling the facts as best as possible, but at this time very little is known. Players had been holding out hope for new encounters since game creator David Braben had been dropping hints about the existence of aliens in the game’s vast universe for almost as long as the game had been out. Players in game have also reported ruins, and even in some cases artifacts that they have found, but this is the first contact with a non-human ship in game.  Since then, other players have reported similar experiences, leading some to speculate that these ships are scouts for an upcoming in-game invasion event.