Black Desert Online’s upcoming naval-focused expansion, Margoria, is set to arrive Wednesday, January 25. If you haven’t even checked out Black Desert Online, and you are a fan of eastern style MMO’s do yourself a favor click here  and go give it a try. Its a drop dead beautiful game, and the mechanics and jobs are diverse and fun.

In addition to adding new treasure-filled sea areas and a harbor that connects to new territory, the Margoria Expansion will introduce underwater monster hunting, ship construction, over 100 new quests, guild-versus-guild naval combat the best way to establish dominance on the new trade routes―and more.

The Margoria Expansion will be made available to existing Black Desert Online players for free. Take look at our gallery for a series of new screenshots before braving the deep, dangerous waters later this month.

An update to Black Desert Online’s ocean systems was released in October to prepare for the new features coming with the Margoria Expansion. If you missed it, watch the Ocean Update video to see the improved underwater world in motion.

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