“Our Vision is for Game Mode to Optimize your Windows 10 PC for increased performance in gaming,” Head of Xbox platform engineering Mike Ybarra. This has been a long time coming and computers finally will do it themselves. Game mode is there to support Win32, Win64, and Windows Platofrm games. The idea of this feature is to re-optimize your home Windows PC into a gaming machine while your games are running. This new feature won’t be limited to Windows Store games only either, it’s meant for All Games you run.

To illustrate how big this potentially can be for everyone’s PC experience remember this, consoles are built to run games; that is what they do. Everything else is secondary to running a game. That means graphics cards are optimized. Processors set priorities to applications of requirements of gaming. All secondary processes are actually usually turned off or put in stand by mode. Computers don’t do this currently. Computers are built as utility machines they are made to do lots of things all at once but nothing super well or specialized for them. What Windows Game mode intended to do is change this.

Microsoft for a long time has wanted it’s Xbox console to be compatible with PCs so that PC gamers and Xbox gamers could use windows to play together. Game Mode is supposedly the first step towards this end. While the Xbox will still run games at a higher optimization, Game Mode will allow older PCs or PCs that do not have the newest tech to keep up.

You might can make Forza look like this, Might being the key word.

To show you how this really works, close any video game you are running. Then open your tax manager. For those who don’t know, use CTRL+ATL+DELETE command and task manager. Up at the top click on processes and look at how much of your CPU and Memory is in use right now? Imagine with Game Mode those numbers being cut in half or to a third of what they are now. That means for some computers you could have the resources to now run on Ultra instead of High. Others can run Medium instead of Potato Mode (Lowest setting possible).

The original thought was that Windows Game Mode would only work for Windows Store Games. But that would have made the feature largely unpopular, similar to windows live. Instead it will simply work for every single game you run. There is speculation of how it will work exactly or how it will recognize games to other forms of Software. However, at this point in time we can expect this to be released early Spring. At the latest Early Summer for your PC to be running games much better if you upgraded to Windows 10.

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