Why I decided to cancel my Switch preorder

So I have decided to cancel my Switch pre-order.  I was on board for the higher than all other modern consoles price tag of 299$. I Was on board for the lack luster suite of launch titles, but I draw the line at a $80 Controller. That’s a third of the cost of the unit Nintendo, what are you thinking?

Lets do some math here, becuase I can hear you now, out there saying a regular controller for Xbox of PS4 costs close to the same. Amazon lists Dual Shock 4 Controllers at 47$ the cheapest PS4 costs $269, so a second controller costs roughly 1/5th of the cost of the unit, and this is a couple of years after the release of the PS4! For $400 (the price of the Switch and a controller) you can get another Dual Shock 4 and two games!

This is just mean Nintendo

The Xbox one S is similar, a brand new Xbox one S controller costs $49 on Amazon. A new Xbox One S Costs just $265. Again roughly 1/5th of the costs of the console. This is a reasonable amount to add on, you get a console a second controller and a game, all for a nice neat price under $400

Now lets look at the new Switch, According to Amazon the switch will cost $299 USD. A second set of Joy-Con will set you back $80 WITH OUT THE CENTRAL PART THAT CHARGES THE UNITS, that part costs another $30 USD.  so lets do the same math $80+$30 = $110 cost for each new set of Joy-Con and charging grip, or roughly 1/3 the cost of the THE WHOLE CONSOLE UNIT. So now each time I want to add a player, I have to invest 1/3 again the cost of the console just to get them playing.

Really Nintendo? Who thought this was a good idea? So in light of the fact that this is supposed to be a party style system, where multiple people play the same game at the same time, but if i want to play with my friends I have to invest fully one third of the cost of the machine in to it again, I decided to cancel both my order for a Switch, and my Order for the new Zelda game, ill just play it on the Wii-U thats been sitting gathering dust in my living room for over a year.