For those of you whom have finished or watched someone tortured by Alien: Isolation, prepare yourself. Alien: Covenant is getting its own VR Games created by Ridley Scott. You heard me, the director of the Movie is coming down to help create an Alien: Covenant VR Game Experience. There are rumors circulating that for the first time since Alien: Isolation, the AI will be used and updated. For those whom do not know, the AI of Alien Isolation is what made it so terrifying.

In Alien: Covenant, the xenomorph would have the ability to learn, adapt, and counter the player’s every trick. What made it so much worse was that everytime the alien learned something, it could change that. When you load a game of Alien: Isolation the Alien has a number of points it has learned one of your tricks from. These points are randomly redistributed so that each load makes the game completely unpredictable in terms of what the creature can do.

The discussion here now is to take the world the movie, Alien: covenant is going to make and turn it into a VR experience. The kind of VR experience that everyone in their right mind will be terrified to know even exists. Having played Alien: Isolation and made 3 attempts to beat the game, the Alien is just a truly terrifying experience. To quote the developers of this new Interactive Adventures: “Viewers will discover the true meaning of terror as they navigate through horrifying alien environments and a story where every decision could mean the difference between life and death.” Remembering back to Alien: Isolation, every decision was life or death but now it’s going to be an even more immersive terrifying experience.

Does it smell this time? Or am I safe again?

To clarify, Alien: Covenant is suppose to be the next step in the Alien Franchise to complete the origin story started in Promethus. In effect it is asking the question: “Where did the Alien’s come from?” Then attempting to deliver that answer. We are going from the horror and action movies of the 1980s Alien 1-3 to the now absolutely terrifying experience of Alien Isolation. Now they intend to deliver on an even more terrifying experience by making Isolation into Alien: Covenant Virtual Reality.

The reason no one has used this AI since is because it actually became in many instances, “More scary than the developers ever intended.” At least that is what SEGA has commented on upon making a sequence to the highly successful Alien: Isolation. Furthermore, Sir Ridley himself is producing the game. David Karlak assisting as lead game direction. There is currently no release date but this is just the announcement of a “Dread-Inducing Journey”. Something I am going to say right now, that I am not ready for but I welcome the challenge of attempting to outsmart Billy (My Alien) a 4th time. Maybe this time, I won’t be eaten and they will actually fix the save files.  I for one, can’t wait to be scared of the dark again by Alien: Covenant.

Go on Fiaura….I’m waiting for you….again.

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