Anime in Theaters outside of Japan is a rarity. Its even more rare in Canada, so you can imagine my surprise when my inbox was graced with this. Following its U.S. Debut, Girls Und Panzer Der Film to Hit More Than 30 Canadian Cities on January 26, 2017. “Well that’s awesome” I said. Too bad I dont live in Canada, but still its worth reporting. So, People of Canada! Go and see Gurls Und Panzer Der Film! 

Sentai Filmworks, a leading independent distributor of Japanese anime and pop culture programming, announced today its Canadian release schedule for the English-dubbed, critically acclaimed, and record-breaking Japanese anime film, Girls und Panzer der Film. Beginning January 26, 2017, Girls und Panzer der Film will screen in more than 30 major Canadian cities, including: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

John Ledford, President and CEO of Sentai Filmworks said today:

“Girls und Panzer der Film has a massive global fan following from its record-breaking run in Japan, to its national U.S. release and we know Canada has an immense fan base. Girls und Panzer der Film devotees love the movie’s action, humor, unique storyline, and  of course  the girls rocking the artillery tanks, and we’re thrilled we can bring this big screen experience to Canadian fans.”

Do I have to have seen the show to watch the film?

Well, yes and no. Girls und Panzer der Film picks up where the successful television series, Girls und Panzer, left off: in a society where humanity exists in cities built atop gigantic carrier ships. Now the girls of the Ooarai High School tankery team must pull together to defeat their foes and save their beloved school.

The movie, released in 2015 in Japan, was ranked the highest-grossing movie of its opening weekend and earned more than $24 million (USD) total at the Japanese box office. The film won the prestigious Seiun Award Best Dramatic Presentation and the Sanctuary Award from the 25th Japan Movie Critics Award. The English-dubbed movie is directed by Kyle Colby Jones, whose credits include No Game No Life, Parasyte -the maxim-, Akame ga Kill!, andMonthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. Additionally, Margaret McDonald (Miho), Rebekah Stevens (Yukari), Jessica Calvello (Saori), Caitlynn French (Hana), and Molly Searcy (Mako) reprise their roles from the TV series.

Girls und Panzer der Film made its U.S. debut in November 2016 in San Francisco’s NEW PEOPLE Cinema and has been well-received by critics and fans alike, who have praised the dub quality and its powerful sound design and effects. Together with Los Angeles-based distributor, ELEVEN ARTS, the film was shown in more than 30 major markets, including: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, and Boston.

For its Canadian release, Sentai Filmworks and ELEVEN ARTS will begin screening Girls und Panzer der Filmbeginning January 26, 2017. Fans can check the most updated schedule via Girls und Panzer der Film.

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