Stars in Shadow

This is a guest post by: Bill Cooney or @Whoisthecoon7 on twitter

For those strategy minded among us looking for something new to enjoy the search may very well be over, for now.

Stars in Shadow comes out Jan. 19 on Steam from Ashdar Games and publisher Iceberg International.


Stars in Shadow is a 4x game set in the distant future in a galaxy filled with warring empires and factions. From the previews, the game definitely looks impressive. Stars in Shadow was released as an early access game back in September, so the developers have hopefully had enough time and help from the community to iron out any kinks before release.



Sven Olsen, one of the games designers, said on his blog that he had three goals when making Stars in Shadow:

  1. A game that can be played from start to finish in a single evening
  2. Emphasizes turn based tactical battles
  3. A game that’s set in a world worth losing yourself in

He said the developers were looking past the basic 4x design that has a way of “collapsing under its own ambition.” He said he was shooting towards making something a lot more like Civilization. Which, while ambitious, leaves a lot of room for things to go wrong.

But there is also the potential for a lot to go right with this game. The 6 different playable factions gives players a lot of options for starting their interstellar empire. Factions also have detailed backstories which is always great for immersion, and the game just looks good. Ships are unique to each race, and were designed with their specific race in mind.


“My goal as a designer is essentially to do with Master of Orion 2 (a 4x game released mid-90s) what Valve did with Quake,” Olsen said on Stars in Shadow’s website. “To take a set of classic mechanics and refine and elaborate on them to the point that the gameplay experience becomes something quite different.”

Stars in Shadow goes on sale through Steam Jan. 19