One of my favorite games from last year was The Culling. A simple concept taken to its ultimate conclusion. The game featured you as some type of survivor, dropped in battle royale world to fight or die. Players had to think on their feet, gather resources, and craft weapons. The Culling added a bit of a twist to the classic formula offering players air drops. If you could gather enough FUNC (the in game currency) you could pay for a powerful item drop. This made the game fresh and interesting at the time, and gave it an advantage over its competitors.


Sadly, The Culling got stale. Players settled in to a formula, and the same items always won. Now it appears that Xaviant are doing their best to correct that. New content has landed for The Culling. As of yesterday, players can no participate in new game modes, a new map, and 4 new weapons have been added.

What are we getting

New map The Big House: Welcome to The Big House, the biggest, bloodiest update to The Culling yet with a brand new map, more ways to play, more loot, and tons of other changes for you stat-junkies including player XP and leveling.

Currently available to PC players only, but, no worries if you’re not a PC player. You’ll be able to get your hands on The Culling soon enough when it comes to the Xbox One Preview Program in the first half of 2017.

New Weapons: Yari, pitchforks, camp hatchets, steel punji sticks. The Big House introduces a bunch of new tools for the slaughter along with more taunts and victory celebrations to rub some salt in the wound. And, let’s not forget those fresh threads and skins, because win or lose, you still want to look good for the camera.

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