Focus Home Interactive and Rogue Factor are once again teaming up with Games Workshop. This time they are bringing Necromunda: Underhive to life.

the underhive still not free of giant skulls

Classic games brought to your PC and Console

Can’t wait to see what the models look like in this game. rendered moving characters should be awesome.

I for one am glad to see this happening. FHI successfully brought Mordheim to the modern era, which was a ton of fun. Necromunda for those of you who have not heard of it. It was a turn based tactical RPG. You take control of one of the many street gangs dwelling in the Underhive of Necromunda. Underhives are the portions of a hive that are long abandoned and filled with anarchy, death, rusted and broken technology. A chance to fight in the 40K universe and the underhives in particular will be awesome. Filthy gangs fighting over turf and limited resources should be lots of fun. Autoguns and lazguns for everyone. We rarely gets chances to fight battles in 40K that are not world encompassing. A chance to focus in on one city and one tiny (relatively speaking its 40K) place to do battle will be a cool chance of pace.

This is just the announcement of the project. So we will be looking forward to more information being released at Foucus’ next event in Paris on February 1-2. So I get more information on  a game that sounds cool right on my birthday. Not a bad present. What do you guys think? Fun or not on your gaming radar for 2017? Let us know down below.