Move or Die, a game that has been ruining friendships worse than Mario Party is now a year old. With this one year change, they have released one of the largest updates for the game to date. In addition to this, Those Awesome Guys (Creators of Move or Die) have put the game on sale for 50%. This is a move to promote the game anew even if the taste of Move or Die hasn’t been rinsed out with a cold beer. Move or Die now boosts a game mode called Souls in which the objective is to collect the souls of your opponents after you kill them. If the tension wasn’t high enough on murder why not go for Soul Devouring too? Move or Die is also adding 2 new characters and additional changes to the other game modes.

Sumo and VR Potato which are exactly what they sound like, are the newbies to the roster. I quite frankly can’t decide which would be more humiliating to have eat my soul, a Potato with VR googles or a washed up Sumo wrestler. The promotion itself does also include the 4 player package bringing the price of ruining 4 of your relationships down to 20$. Move or Die is just one of those games, like Mario Party, that seemed like a good idea to play till you played it. Then suddenly you are wanting to smash your best friend’s face into the ground.


With Move or Die still receiving updates a year later it is a good thing to know that your devs will continue to support this game long after it’s release. We can expect additional expansions, game modes, characters, and power ups to come later this year. It is important to note that all of Move or Die’s updates are free, there is no DLC for this. Move or Die is all traditional updates without micro transactions or paid DLC which is something refreshing to hear. I personally am likely going to be playing this just to see how much my subscribers actually love me or hate me.

Who is going to murder me and eat my soul?

Just remember that this release also comes with their promise to continue with Free updates and cross-platform multiplier. That means even your friendships with those on Xbox and PS4 are not safe from the carnage of you devouring their souls!

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