Not sure I want to know what this thing normally does

Deck 13 is set to bring Surge onto PC, PS4, and Xbox one in May.

The future looks bleak

Bleak but beautiful

Set in a dystopian future with Earth near its end. Humanity has over populated. Nature is on the verge of collapse, and technology has rendered many humans jobs redundant. With technology taking jobs from humans they are moving to suburbs looks for work. Exoskeletons are the norm to augment human abilities. You play as Warren a freshly recruited augmented employee of CREO. Your first day coincides with a catastrphic event during your routine operation. These events unless hell upon your first day of work. Your nightmare is only beginning robots cone haywire, crazed employees with fried cranial implants. Artificial intelligence out to murder you because everything has to break right.

not something I want to meet like ever.

As warren you will have to fight, build and upgrade to survive. While the tools used are not meant as weapons they can be used to lethal effect. Dismember your opponents to take and use their augments to upgrade yourself. Your upgrades will allow you to delve deeper in CREO in an effort to stop the madness. Surge features tight visceral RPG action with improvised industrial weapons. Battle huge industrial bosses. Along with crafting and upgrades. Surge looks to take a look at a view in games we don’t often see. Will be a nice change of pace from killing waves of soldiers. Surge comes to all major platforms in May so be sure to keep at look out for it.

What do you guys thing interesting change of pace? Or just a re skinned Dark Souls? Let us know down below.