When you think of MMOs you think of games like World of Warcraft, Everquest, Ultima Online, Eve Online, and others. Games that have been around for a very very long time. Well today is a sad day in the world of fantasy, Asheron’s Call after 17 years is no more. The MMO still boasted a fairly healthy playerbase but everyone knew something was up 4 days before Christmas. Developer Turbine formed a new studio and sold the rights to Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online. However among all the titles sold Asheron’s Call was not mentioned as for the in development Asheron’s Call 2; there was a cancellation announcement then.

Skip forward a month and we see the end of a game that has been around for an entire generation. People grew up playing Asheron’s Call as they gathered around to live stream the last day of it.


Skip to 12:44:50 to start to see the closing moments of Asheron’s Call

Tears were shed by everyone involved both on camera and in chat as the count down began. The few hundred remaining players exchanged tearful goodbyes as Turbine finally pulled the plug and the connection went dead. It is always sad in these types of environments to see an MMO closed down. Especially one that has run for over a decade. These are communities of gamers and people brought together to via a video game and they are just cut off. I personally know people who have played World of Warcraft since it was made in 2004. That is 13 years of their lives invested into and still there. It’s hard to imagine but unlike games on the cloud or within your steam store, if an MMO closes; that community may never come back together. Often times this is the only place many of these people ever see each other.

It is a testament to how emotionally we are connected to video games when dozens of people whom haven’t played in perhaps years log on to say goodbye. We have to understand how video games connect us in ways we could not have anticipated in the 90s and now into the 2017, people are still finding the emotion impact in them. There will likely be an effort somewhere to resurrect or emulate the game. Though we have to remember this can only be done at the allowance of the Rights Owners of the game, assuming Turbine sells the license.

All of this said, I must say this to all of you; appreciate the community you have in your online games. Talk to friends you haven’t in years, even if all they are is digit avatars. You would be surprised how much it will hit you if suddenly the only way you ever talked to them, were to go away.

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No Fancy Links here, as the website, forum, and reddit are all down now. Asheron’s Call currently is only a license to Turbine and a Memory to the few thousand whom played.