Mutant Football League wants to make a return. This is at least what developer Digital Dreams Entertainment is saying. For those who don’t know, Mutant League games were on the Sega Master Series, available in the US through ordering or Sega Channel. They were a game in which mutant humans, resembling trolls, goblins, and skeletons, went at it in a Madden Style football or a NHL 1998 style hockey match. From there all similarity to the sport was thrown aside in exchange for maximum early 90’s or even 1980’s style Violence! Mutant League games were known for literally being able to murder your opponents.

This was a game I grew up with as an owner of a Sega Channel. I played Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey at least once a week. It was one of the first games to feature team building, running through entire seasons. An experimental version never published but ran as a beta on Sega Channel involved a dynasty mode allowing you to run and develop a team with changing stats of the players. This is something we didn’t see till Madden 2002 in 1994. They were not just trying to build a game about violence but a football game we wanted before we knew we wanted it.

Now Digital Dreams Entertainment is asking to make this a reality again. Their first attempt to kick start the game only raised 20% of the desired 720,000$ but after development with this funding they are back asking for 60,000$ to finish the game.


Now I am not one for really going all out for kickstarters. They tend to lead to disappointments unless there is true vision behind them. Considering this gif on the kickstarter, looks like real gameplay and well, really recaptures the game.

This game is something I really hope does come together. Mutant Football League is my kind of football game. Some of the boring team management and play management followed by the NFL Blitz style violence turned up to 13. I can see this being something I would play, like a fast pace Blood Bowl without the dice rolling.

Perhap you should check it out as the kickstarter is already very close to it’s goal and barely 2 days old. They are offering quite a lot to pledges and if they come through with it.

Anyway check out the kickstarter and look at the media displayed so far, if you have faith in projects like this, maybe drop them a dollar or two. If you remember Mutant Football League then your childhood was amazing and you should probably make this game a reality.

Gameplay Teaser Trailer:


Article Written by: Fiaura The Tank Girl

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