That’s right I’m worried about the new Mass Effect.

How could something this pretty worry me

Who worries about video games?

Well lets be honest lots of people, but yes I’m worried. Why am I worried? All the things we have seen of it look amazing. You are correct, the videos all looks really good fluid motion dynamic grim on armor. Even get a cool new customizable vehicle. Why a military vehicle is customizable I have no idea, but lets chalk that one up to game features. We have seen all of our favorite races returning. A couple of questions, are there enough of them to be viable, or are they just there for the cool factor? Stuff like that matters to me, I hope the mission takes that into account. Did any of the other species get a chance at survival or where they all left behind? Honestly those are really more questions than huge concerns for the game.

Hopefully its still fun to drive


Some things that really concern me are the way they seem to be showing the enemy. I got a very Collector vibe from them. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Mass Effect 2 was the best of the series, but I don’t want to play it again with different skins. Now we don’t have much to really look at in the world so this is all supposition and I may be wrong, but at the moment I’m still worried it will end up looking like two but feeling like three. What I mean by that is that two made me feel like my decisions had weight. Add to that all the new and interesting locals we got to see more of the day to day Mas Effect universe. Three had that same opportunity, we went to the Elcor home world and launched a probe to complete the mission. I mean how awesome to go down to the world and have to make decisions on how to evacuate people. But nope drop probe all good now. While all of the games have flaws the series did well over all. Andromeda has a lot riding on it. If players feel like it drops the ball like many felt and still feel about three. Well to be honest that might be the death of the series.

Why do we not have our own mechs for this kind of thing?

Final thoughts.

Only time will tell of course. Maybe I am just over worried or critical of it. But with little more than a month until launch, and with so little we have seen I am just worried. Again hope I am wrong looking forward to playing and finding out for myself. Hopefully Andromeda gives me that feeling I had seeing the Citadel the first time or when I watched the Normandy explode in ME2.

OK guys, am I nuts? Is Andromeda going to be the best yet in the series? Let me know what you think down below as always and thanks for all your support.

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