This is a review by guest writer Corry H who you can find on Twitter @swilzly

Hey JRPG fans are  you wanting to scratch your old-school itch of playing a game like Final Fantasy 6 with those awesome 8-bit graphics that we used to love? Me too, so I’m here to tell you about Shadows of Adam Releasing of February 23 for PC/Mac/Linux from Something Classic Games. (Starting out as a Kickstarter on January 20 2016 it’s now about to hit the market.

Shadows of Adam tells the story of a legendary hero named Orazio, who abruptly disappears, leaving behind his adopted daughter, son and a dark secret. With darkness looming over the village of Adam and their legendary hero being lost, it’s up to Kellan and Asrael to save their homeland and uncover the truth behind their father’s abrupt disappearance.

“It’s an honor for us to provide Shadows of Adam in its entirety to newcomers, and of course our Kickstarter supporters, followers, and fans finally getting their full course meal!” said Creative Director Tim Wendorf of Something Classic Games. “This game is our tribute to an industry which has consistently rewarded its followers for decades by offering classic after classic to keep even the strongest and most unique RPG urges satiated.”

Players will be able to explore diverse handcrafted environments without having to worry about random encounters. Players will also experience a completely unique AP battle system that encourages skill use and fast-paced combat.

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