This is a review by guest writer Bill C who you can find on Twitter @Whoisthecoon7

From the makers of STASIS comes the new isometric horror game CAYNE. While the story is not related to developer Brotherhood Games popular 2015 release, as far as this writer can tell, the free to play CAYNE is still a great old-school style adventure. In CAYNE players control Hadley, a woman who wakes up pregnant in a creepy medical research facility. If that’s not bad enough, the powers controlling this facility wants what’s inside Hadley, her baby. Using point and click navigation, players will have to navigate through the warren of a facility, collect supplies and tools, and solve plenty of puzzles.


First off, the graphics look amazing. The cut scenes are so good they don’t look like they belong anywhere near a free to play game. The in-game graphics are just as good, terminals respond when activated, textures are rich, and the lighting blends everything together for a beautiful (in a terrifying, gore-encrusted kind of way) visual experience.  CAYNE does a beautiful job of pulling the player in through a combination of gorgeous cut scenes and a deep story that only gets better as one plays through the game. For those with an iron nerve, turning all the lights off and diving into CAYNE late at night is quite the experience. Again, for those who enjoy immersion, CAYNE is an easy one to get lost in



Gameplay is in the classic point and click fashion of other isometric games, like Diablo or Runescape, and there’s really no tutorial needed to jump right in and start playing. It flows well, and while there are moments where one needs to step back and think about things like sequence, or combining items, there’s not much that will leave players high and dry scratching their heads with nowhere to go. As in STASIS, the story extrapolates through various PDAs found in the game. These help to explain why Hadley is trapped in this facility, and for those who enjoy immersion, it really adds to the experience.


Combat doesn’t play a major role in CAYNE, yes, there are instances where Hadley must use tools to kill or incapacitate enemies, but these are few and far between. Even in those instances, combat actions are done through simple point and clicks.

Overall, CAYNE is worth checking out. It’s a gorgeous free to play game that’s fun from the very beginning. Fans of old-school isometric games will feel right at home. Even those who have never played one might find they actually enjoy it. As far as most free to play games go, they don’t get much better than CAYNE.