Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition is set to come out soon. This stand alone version is suppose to allow a couple of new races, The Goblins and Kislev Circus as well as new stadiums. Cyanide Studios is set to release Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition during Q2 this year. As we have seen with the previous Blood Bowl, Legendary Edition is a sign of the end of the expansions. This new stand alone expansion is suppose to be Affordable for Blood Bowl 2 owners while at the same time accessible for everyone else. Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition will likely have additional races added into while Cyanide Studios slowly moves to other projects.  Adding a few more races and characters but be prepared for this expansion to be it’s last.

For those whom do not know, Blood Bowl is the idea of taking the various fantasy factions and races of the Warhammer universe and putting them into an American Football game. Players die, get horribly maimed, and are encouraged to beat the ever loving hell out of each other. Furthermore the game involves a significant amount of RNG, as every action taken has a dice roll to it. You are playing a combination of risk management and making good calls for a football game as the coach. All of which is turned based. The only real catch to that is when you mess up, you lose the rest of your turn.

In Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition there are no major changes to game mechanics, just adding more options and abilities or ability combinations to the game through new factions and races.

Stadiums do have an effect on players as these can be developed to have wide ranging effects from injury rolls to passing to fans randomly charging the field to murder your players.

Now I have to give a bit of warning to those whom have not played Blood Bowl. Be prepared for RNG to sometimes just say, No. The game will sometimes just destroy you and at any time your star player trained through 6 different leagues may just explode and die. In Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition just as with all other Blood Bowl games, there is reward without risk and every action you take you are risking death.

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