One Source May Been Fired For Speaking Out to Myself or Others on this Issue

Update: Official Statement from Community Manager at My.com

“More official information will follow, and I suggest to rather focus on the future and content, than focussing on why and how it ended concerning things that are irreversible.”

-Firo (My.com Community Manager)

We have all known for a while about tensions between Obsidian, My.com, and mail.ru. I have spoken to many anonymous sources inside of Obsidian Entertainment and My.com. I can say this, take a look at these pictures below delivered from 2 separate people:

You will notice all of these are vehicles on the public test server yes. But under them are garage bars indicating other vehicles we have not yet seen nor were announced. These include: KTO Rosomak, OT-65A (Featured in full here as well as on many of the garage bars) T-55M1, OA-82, KPz 70, T-64BV, T72B3, and OT-64A. The KPz 70 was just announced as in development last week. These pictures were delivered to me on December 2nd  2016.

Personally speaking to two sources inside Obsidian I got two different answers to when the patch was to be done. One person “The Patch has been done for weeks, My.com and Mail.ru just refused to pay us for it.” Another individual source has stated: “We didn’t give them a patch for 3 weeks now cause they wouldn’t pay.” A third person followed up stating: “I haven’t had anything to work on since New Years because we were basically done and applying polish.” My.com and Mail.ru according to these sources never received the 2nd version nor the final version of the existing patch for 0.19 and balance 2.0.

This isn’t where this rocky relationship over Armored Warfare stops. I have had it circulated from all of my anonymous sources that “We were being setup to fail.” The current version of the Public Test Server shows a different version of the CryEngine. Knowing full well it is almost never a good idea to change an engine a game exists in as this can compromise everything about the game. This was a decision ordered by mail.ru.

This would require reprogramming of every single graphical asset in Armored Warfare. It is the reason the current Public Test has the Chieftain 900 hull being completely invulnerable from all sides. Furthermore all of the playtest staff for Obsidian were ordered fired as well as all supertesters from My.com were fired several times according to my sources during the development of patch 0.19. This again from either mail.ru or My.com’s orders. The sources in this case gave two different versions of the same story.

Apparently after 5 months of development, we are left with Obsidian still holding onto the final patch version of Armored Warfare 0.19 while mail.ru has taken to part ways. This final version is likely to never see the light of day. To illustrate how much of a snap decision this was, the weekly developer stream was cancelled less than an hour before it was suppose to start.

We will never know the full story of what went on behind closed doors. But now with this information from several employees in Obsidian Entertainment as well as My.com we know a lot more than either party has been telling us. I personally am still in shock at the snap decision much less all the pouring out of information from the inside from my various friends in all the companies involved. I feel for them in this case and it appears mail.ru was just making a power play to create a World of Tanks 2.0 with modern vehicles. While Obsidian Entertainment was working on an Obsidian game with a greater vision than that. Neither party willing to compromise and a game that had so much promise is now left on it’s last legs before a death nail may strike to finish it off.

I personally am doubtful mail.ru will even concern itself with the American or European markets and Armored Warfare is likely to become a Russian only with maybe Eastern European access to the game. I would rather not see this happen but at least now we know some of what was really going on behind the doors of Obsidian Entertainment, My.com, and Mail.Ru.

We have reached out to Mail.ru, Obsidian Entertainment, and My.com and received no response from any of their PR representatives at this time.

Article Written by

Rena Miller

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