If you had ever wondered you will be able to find out February 17th with, Tiger Knight: Empire War.

Testudo forward!

Let the war be decided.

The addition of the Roman Legions is the first major addition to Tiger Knight since its early access launch in October. The new Roman faction will march into battle equipped with several authentic battle items and tactics. One big one is of course the Testudo formation. Use this formation to get your troops more safely to the battlefront. Your Roman troops will be equipped with the classic Roman gladius, along with the pilum.  They will also be carrying the legionaries signature shield, and wearing the lorica segmentata that they are famous for.

This will be interesting.

With the addition of the Legions three new maps have also been added. Gallic Oppidum is a large fortified settlement Rome commonly encountered during the Gallic wars. Second is the Black Forest. A vast and wild forest in the Germanic lands. Sparsely populated and overgrown with tress and dense vegetation. Lastly is Oasis, a watering hole in the hellish deserts of North Africa. Fight over this position to secure its vital water for your forces.

If all the lovely new maps aren’t enough for you the battlefields have also been reworked. They will now be divided into three parts. Their is the Primary battlefield (T1-T4). The intermediate battlefield (T5-T7), and the high level battlefield. Soldiers of corresponding levels will now be matched with each other. Which will pair gamers against more matched opponents, for maximum fun and competition. A small but major change be sure to let us know how that affects your game experience.

Someone is about to get stabbed.

Closing thoughts.

So what do you guys think of these changes? Romans a good addition or will they not fit with the feel of the game? It will be interesting to see the heavily armored and disciplined Roman legions take on the large Chinese armies of the Three Kingdoms era. Let me know in the comments below.