Nawia Games has released a redone version of their popular free mobile arcade shooter, Western 1849 entitled Western 1849 Reloaded. This is a fast paced, third person, arcade shooter that not only is fun to play (for a while, I’ll get to that later), but also looks even better.

You play through multiple levels in a small western town called Sunset Bluff. You are the guy they called in to take care of the bandit situation arising after a giant gold rush. The third person, arcade style (like the Terminator T2 arcade style of games) has you using your revolver or your secondary rifle or shotgun, and taking out bandits left and right, and sometimes behind you. You play in levels, like the town center or the train station, and must shoot at waves of enemies coming out while taking cover.

The graphics in this game are very cartoonish, but in a good way. The style is very reminiscent of old arcade style art with nice modern 3D graphics. The levels are all designed well and look even better. The first stages are pretty easy and lets you get a good grasp of what will come. Eventually, you reach a point where enemies are coming from all sides, and you must learn to take cover quickly and move around a lot. You have a meter that fills up with how many people you kill and how fast you kill them and releases a rage mode. During rage mode, you become invincible so you can tank shots and shoot faster so you can take enemies down faster.

Gameplay is actually pretty decent. It plays better with a mouse and keyboard, than with a controller, I find, it feels clunky and hard to aim. I often found myself knowing I hit headshots, only to find I knocked their hats right off their heads (and yes, that’s an achievement.) The different types of bandits you encounter are of a fun variety.  Anywhere from a pistol wielding bandit to a big guy throwing TNT at you, all who’s voice lines are pretty funny for a while.

I was stuck for roughly an hour playing this on medium difficulty. This is a fairly tough game to get down and master, or maybe I just suck. There are 5 different difficulty levels and you must beat one to unlock the other. There is a slight leveling up system, it just takes forever to get enough gold to level up anything, and the game starts to feel kind of stale. You can upgrade various clothes for amour (a vest) and various weapons for more damage and better reload times. Also, after each wave you get different perk cards that help you, for example giving you more dynamite sticks to throw or healing you for kills (just to name a few) and, make a build to work with whatever play style you enjoy. Just be careful, once you die (you can respawn, it just takes gold to do so) you have to start all over again. Rouge-like I suppose.

My biggest gripe with this game is how monotonous and repetitive it becomes. I enjoy a good grind game, but this one doesn’t have any decent payoff for the grind, except the fact I can unlock achievements, or more gold to spend on upgrades, and upgrading my current gear to do a little better. Maybe add more customization to armor or different ones all around, different various weapons, or some challenges that are not achievements and it would be worth it.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun in short bursts and with friends trying to beat their high scores. After a while it starts to be repetitive and grindy. It feels like a glorified mobile game, but has a decent amount of replay value, if you feel the need to 100% this. The game can run on pretty much any modern-day system so even the tightest of budget computers will be able to play this game, which is a very good thing.

I would give this overall a 3 out of 5 stars for the simple fact that I got pretty bored with it after an hour or so, but before that it truly was a fun and funny game. It would be higher if there was just something else to do. The achievements are nice and pose a little challenge, but you can complete most of them by just playing the game, and that’s not enough to keep me going.

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