Conan Exiles from Funcom has been launched into early access. It has sold well, blowing past the 320,000 sales mark and still climbing. It is in early access but is definitely a solid foundation for the game to continue to grow from.


got to love the rock crumbling animation

The game looks very good overall. You start in the desert with nothing but a loin cloth. Running on medium setting still shows a beautiful world filled with things trying to murder you. Trees and bushes are lush. The desert is vast and unforgiving. The rocks and ruins are alive with life. Meaning the thrall camps are usually infesting those areas. I also really enjoy the way that rocks crumble as you mine them. It is a very nice little touch. The sight that really impressed me the most by far though, the sandstorms. Having seen them in real life I must say the game has done them justice. Watching them roll toward you and then being inside and watching it rush past. Very awesome can’t wait till they add something that they do damage and fling around objects larger than just sticks. But it’s a site to see none the less.


Alright guys not a huge amounts of sounds to realistically talk about. Chopping down trees, and smashing rocks check. They sound exactly like you would expect, so a good start there. The various creatures sound like they should or the way one would assume. Hyenas bark, growl, and the bite sounds realistic. Giant spiders are sufficiently hissing and such to let you know they are right behind you spitting poison. Larger creatures and monsters have sound cues to let you know you are close to their lairs. Skeletons shamble about with creaky bones. The one thing that once again stands out is the sound of sandstorms. Sorry guys going to harp on it again. It is awesome I really love standing out in the game and listening to them whistle and roar around me. It really is one of the highlights of the game for me. But yes the sound isn’t really amazing, but it is good enough for the task at hand.

Enemy AI

got to catch all the thralls.

OK, first thing I have to caution you with this, your view of the enemy AI will depend heavily on the lag of your server. What I mean by this is that the world of Conan is a much less dangerous place on a laggy server. Enemies will hardly ever hit you, so slaughtering them should in most cases not be to hard. Once you are on a server with without crazy lag issues the danger ramps up considerably. The main dangers are that enemies will chase you for quite a while. The hyenas are the biggest culprits, their agro range seems to be ridiculously large. That and they tend to gang up on you rather quickly so something to watch out for. Rhinos and the Shalebacks only attack if you get pretty close, but they are dangerous none the less. Spiders are fast and spit poison, always a joy to have to worry about. While the creatures in general are not really bright they will not follow you off of ledges. So jumping off is a solid way to get out of danger. But do take note they will choose to use a ramp if their is one close enough to continue the chase.


In summary, Conan Exiles has all the solid foundation of a great game. It looks good, even on my rigs medium settings. It has its very beautiful moments and will only improve with time. The sound while definitely not over the top, is very adequate for the game and won’t leave you feeling like sounds are out of place. Again the AI is good enough for what you need. The enemies are not going to use any complex tactics against you. Simple rushes will be dangerous enough. There is a lot of fun to be had in this game. The world is dangerous, vibrant, and alive. Building straight up a cliff can be very fun and satisfying. With the planned additions to the game by Funcom, and the modding community behind it, I see Conan Exiles achieving a lot in the coming months. So be sure to keep your eyes on this one everyone.