A beautiful sight no?

Who once sat on this thrown?

A trailer is now available take a peak

NIS American inc is proud to announce the release of the gameplay trailer for Rose in the Twilight. Which will be coming to the PS Vita, and Steam. It will be released in the states on April 11, 2017, and in Europe on April 14, 2017. In the trailer you will find a girl with “the curse of the thorns”that lies on her back. With these mysterious power she finds herself able to control time by absorbing the color red. Along the way she will encounter a giant companion, your companion will aid her on the journey by, carrying and throwing heavy objects. You will need to use your powers and your allies to help you navigate the colorless castle.

What I see in the trailer.

What we see here is a puzzle game an interesting mechanic. Moving objects with the giant and draining objects of the color red to stop them to move forward or remove obstacles. The giant obviously moves big things simple enough. But the aesthetic is inserting and if the rest of the music is like what we have in the trailer then the music will be on point. Interesting music and art styles are good and as long as the story holds up then it looks to be a fun game. What do you guys think, interesting new puzzle game? Or are there to many already? As always let us know down below.

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