If you are getting the Switch, you may want to head over to Nintendo’s Account system webpage today folks.  They’ve opened the Switch User ID system for registration already! If you had an existing Nintendo Network ID you were actually able to register yesterday. However, those of us that don’t are now able to register today. In fact, here is a link to their sign up page.

Nintendo Switch

Why do you need to register if you already have an account?

Nintendo is setting up a new system which it’s calling the Nintendo Account system which uses user IDs. This will replace the current Nintendo Network ID system that is currently in place. First time users will have to start and account from scratch.  If you already have a Nintendo Network ID you can use that to log in and set up the new system. Once you log in there is a User Info page that must be filled out to get your user ID set up.

Why are we saying to do it early?

Well duh, the same reason we always tell you to do these things early. User names are going like hotcakes, which means that those who want something specific are going to have to register early so they don’t end up with Mario.rulz54545 just because Mario.rulz was taken 54544 times already. It will be a surprise to no one, that Mario and Luigi are already taken.

Why did they set up a new system?

Nintendo has stated that they are planning a paid online service that will give players access to lobbies and voice chat. Part of that system is the need for a user ID which will display instead of your account name when your online.

The move for a paid lobby/voice chat system is interesting, and a move that I personally didn’t expect from Nintendo. What are your thoughts? Are you happy to see a voice chat system? Are you upset that it will have to be a paid service? Let us know in the comments below!