Eve Online, CCP’s spreadsheet simulator as it is called. What is this game exactly? A game about meeting people in space ships and usually, making them explode. A game many people simply cannot understand. This game is quite difficult to tackle and many have attempted but never actually successfully reviewed it in it’s entirety. I’ve played the game since it was released and still cannot describe or understand everything in the game as I learn new stuff everyday.

Up until August of last year I was a high sec person. Running missions killing NPCs, hauling cargo as a space trucker. Then I moved to null sec without any experience and knowledge of what I was doing. Now I’m going out solo, seeking other players with the objective of killing them. Literally flying hundreds of light years to meet people and make them explode. Participating in massive fleet actions with thousands of players included with all of that. This is a series of articles, one per week, that is going to attempt to review and explain eve online to people who have never played the game or those whom have tried and ended up confused.

That much said, Eve Online at it’s heart is a Sandbox Player versus Player game. The objective most of the time is to create your own content within the eve universe. Any person whom embarks on eve as someone who doesn’t wanna talk or interact with other players is looking for a very lonely and unfulfilled time. Unless you just enjoy exploration around the universe aspect we’ll be talking about in a later article. Stepping into Eve, one should consider the possibility of immediately looking to talk to other players.

You’re going to Explode, A Lot

Those that live longest in eve online however are those who start with a healthy case of paranoia. One has to remember unlike other MMOs if your ship explodes, it’s gone. This mechanic has resulted in one of the most functional longest running economies in any MMO. Inflation happens at a controlled rate that CCP manages through Plex and Skill extractors. These items allow for you to use in game money to pay for Omega (Subscription) status and used to boost training by between 500,000 and 100,000 Skill points (The more you have the less you get out of them). One has the first couple of major decisions in Eve as soon as you start the game.

Remember in Eve every decision ranging from jumping through a random stargate in the middle of no where to the next system to buying a Titan. All things can turn into major decisions that you have to become unafriad to make. Your first major decision is what race to be, as this matters now since Alpha restrictions will restrict you to that races ships. I went with the yolo race known as the Minmatar.  You may wanna be space America (Pre-2005) and be the Gallente. There are also the space Catholics known as the Amarr and the Ultimate Anime Style World War II Japanese state call the Caldari.

In Rust I Trust

Next is what you wanna do, as I said Eve is innately a PvP game. I’ve personally never used a spreadsheet for the game but PvP ranges from simple frigates engaging on a gate in low security space to controlling the market with your wares to being the industrialist whom makes the carriers. All the roles in eve have a part to play and each one has different skill requirements of the player as well as of their characters.

The game is massive in this aspect. I started as a combat pilot purely. Now I am a Fleet Commander in training, I run several mining accounts to pay for all my subscriptions and ships, in addition to acquiring the skills to become a capital pilot as I look down the road to the ultimate goal, becoming a Titan pilot.

Yeah that titan, I am going to fly it

Now you shouldn’t start with such a lofty set of goals or ideas. You as a player start small, I want to get into this frigate with tech level 2 weapons or I really like this cruiser and exploration ship, this is where most players started and where I started. It is these little goals that keep us playing. It is these things that are step stones to what we consider our ultimate goal, whatever that may be is up to you. You want to participate in a massive fleet battle as the Fleet Commander? That starts with experience in small 3-10 person gangs.

The important thing to remember when you start playing eve is a couple of suggestions that I find are essential to the game. 1. Set a Goal, that you can achieve within a month of play. Remember things in eve take time and while you are training skills, go earn isk. 2. You are going to lose ships, never fly anything you cannot afford to lose. In other words, whatever the ship costs to replace make sure after you buy it, you have the ability to buy 2 more so replacing it won’t break your bank.

Space Trucking in HD

3. Interact with players, however that may happen. Take space trucker contracts, join a corp, immediately look for someone to go to null sec and learn how to survive without concord police helping you, etc. The point is, go out and find people to help you begin to learn more than the game teaches you. 4. Complete the tutorial, it is fun and gives a lot of explanation of mechanics we will be going over as these review articles progress. 5. Remember, take breaks and come back, avoid burn out as everything in Eve Online takes time.

This is Eve Online’s first strength and weakness you must know. Interaction with players is almost essential to have fun. This world is a sandbox with all the content in the game, created by players. Which means if something happens, market changes, something not available on the market, you die, you find someone to murder, blame a player not the game.

These are the things you need to know starting out. Next week we are going to talk about how to interact with the NPCs. There is more than just blowing them to little bits in space afterall.

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